February 23rd was the first year anniversary of the inauguration of the Park. Celebrate with us by helping.

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Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti
National Park

Preserving Our Heritage

We are the ancient people, the Maya. We are the modern people, the Belize Maya, the people of Belize. Our heritage includes the forest, the jungle, the land, the rivers and trees, the plants and medicinal herbs, the birds, jaguars and all the wild animals, our people and our customs. We are dedicated to preserving this.

A mahogany survivor
Ix Chel, Goddess of the Moon. Wife of Itzamna, patroness of childbirth and of weavers, she can also cause floods.

Protecting and sustaining the ecosystem

It is our goal to protect and sustain the land we live on and the 13,006 acre Elijio Panti National Park that has been officially returned to our care. We will defend the animals, plants and waters here from the abuses, poaching, chemicals, insecticides, pollution and other hazards of the encroaching industrial world. This magnificent rainforest with it's mountains, ancient caves and Mayan ruins, it's birds, jaguars, glorious trees, plants and herbs must continue to thrive now and in the centuries to come.

Educating for our future

Our people, the farmers and the volunteers who are assisting us are learning to respect and live gently on the land, using organic and sustainable agricultural methods, replanting indeginous trees, plants and herbs. Our goal is to teach our children and the students and other people who come here to experience and learn to appreciate, protect, improve and dedicate themselves passionately to this paradise we live in.

Maria teaching
Maria and students


Our gratitude to all who are helping preserve our Earth. Respectful thanks to Ixchel, to whom this web site is dedicated.