February 23rd was the first year anniversary of the inauguration of the Park. Celebrate with us by helping.



A Big Thank You to

We are grateful to all the people from other countries, the Belizean Government, Belize, and the Cayo district, who have and are laboring to make the dream of Elijio Panti National Park come true. These people include:

Maria Garcia— Chairperson of the Park Committee for her complete and continuing devotion to the work of the Park and to her people. Maria composed much of the writing at this site. She is an inspiration.
The Park Committee— Rafael Mesh, James Mesh, Marcus Ramos, Lloyd Chan, Inocencio Canto, Roberto Canto, Ananias Tzib, PC Concepcion Cal, San Antonio Chairman Arselito Mai, Cristo Rey Chaiman Marco Tzib, El Progreso Seven Miles Chairman Julio Ruano, Ruperto Tzib, Miguel Lopez, Oscar Montelvan.
The Peace Corps Volunteers— Susanne Giattina, who has helped organize the funding and training to begin the park's development.
Alanna Randall— who will help with environmental education and the park's promotion.
With special thanks to Heraldo Garcia for his generous help and continued support. We could not have accomplished all that we have without him.
Other active community members— Miguel Gevarra, Julio Lopez, Silvario Canto, Ruben Lopez, Hubencio Canto, Leopaldo Mai, Rodolfo Canto, Timotea Mesh, Cely Tzib, and Selma Tzib, Verjilio Coh, and many more.
The Belize Government— Minister of Agriculture Daniel Silva for his guidance and support throughout our struggle.
Minister of Natural Resources Johnny Briseno for his kind assitance in making the National Park what it is today.
Conservation Division, Earl Codd and John Pinelo for advising us and strengthening our cause.
Meg Easling— who supplied photography of the Park for this site and editing.
Warren Petersen for putting together this web site.
Wood Depot— for their generous donation for the trail's stairway.
Trekforce— who is lending a great helping hand in exploring and developing the park.
Janus Foundation— for helping train and donate their skills to the park's development.
Planigestion, Ana Maria Ramirez— for her diligent work in forming a management plan for the park and communities.
Emilia Toralla— for her guidance, support, and generosity in getting the park to where it is.
Light Hawk— for offering to help our planning and educational endeavors in the upcoming months.