February 23rd was the first year anniversary of the inauguration of the Park. Celebrate with us by helping.

Letter of request to interested organizations.


Journal of Correspondence

A Timeline of Events

Dear Friends,

Congratulations to the Mayan people and to the country of Belize! They have just created a new national park- a dream come true. 13,006 acres are now set aside for preservation and the study of plants and wildlife. And, it is in the hands of the indigenous, Maya people.

We have an enormous opportunity here to create something very special and important to the natural world and for the education and edification of humans: the newly declared Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park in Eastern, Cayo, Belize.

We have an opportunity to work toward creating an educational center for the preservation and propagation of endangered jungle flora, especially those that have been used medicinally for centuries by the Maya and whose properties may yet be found useful to modern medicine.

Maria Garcia is the niece, student and inheritor of the work of the erstwhile Elijio Panti. Before his death in 1996, Panti was renowned in Belize and in the world of herbal medicine as a knowledgeable Mayan herbalist and he was a spiritual leader for his people.

Maria is a native Mayan who lives in a village next to the newly created National Park. You can visit her web site about her work in her village at www.awrem.com/tanah Maria has dedicated her life to her people, to her uncle's dream of protecting and preserving wild nature and the plant heritage of this area from increasing destruction by humans and to education about our inter-relationship with nature.

The following are correspondences from Maria Garcia of San Ignacio Belize regarding the new Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park and her and other's collective vision for this unique natural reserve. We invite you to respond if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or in assisting in any way, especially financially and advisory, or know who might be. We invite you to respond if you wish to receive our newsletter.

Meg Easling
Let me know if you wish to go to Belize, to visit the Park with me.

For Maria Garcia, Chairperson: new Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park

('kick' is Mayan for 'sister'!)

Please take the time to review the following about the new National Park in Belize:


Press Release

A new reserve is born:
The Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park

Congratulations to the Maya people and to the country of Belize! They have just created a new national park- a dream come true. 13,006 acres are now set aside for preservation, and the study of plants and wildlife. And, it is in the hands of the indigenous, Maya people.

This new National Park was born on the 2nd of June, 2001 in San Antonio, Cayo, Belize. Belize, (formerly British Honduras) is a Caribbean country in Central America, located South of Yucatan, Mexico and West of Guatemala. Over 13,006 acres of land, including 90,000 acres of canopied rainforest, 3,000 acres of pine trees, 6,500 acres of secondary rain forest and 500 acres of cultivated land were declared a protected area on that day. Unique on the planet, but not to ecologically conscious Belize, the park includes three Maya villages. The people in the villages are highly committed to right and sustainable use of this land to preservation of wild jungle and rainforest. A small part will be used for organic farming, to provide quality food for their people and for market.

Creating this Park has been a long journey of three years for Maria Garcia and the others on the Park Committee. Now it is a reality. The Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park is officially inaugurated. The ceremony was characterized by traditions of the Mayan Culture. The National Park will become a model for people in villages working together for the common good, no matter what their ethnic background may be.

There is much work now to be done.

A proposal for a comprehensive master plan for the management of the National Park is being prepared by Ana Maria Ramirez-Yanes, Director of Plani Gestión from Caracas, Venezuela.

She is volunteering her expertise as support for the National Park, to help get the ball rolling that will lead to a grand vision for this area. The three villages of San Antonio, Cristo Rey and El Progresso (7 miles) are encompassed by the new National Park and are all part of the initiative that is taking place here.

The goal is to involve these communities from the grass roots to ecologically utilize the resources contained in the Park and to preserve the culture of the area in such a way that future generations will be proud of them. The National Park is to become the model for a development that will improve the quality of life for these communities, including the natural one. The beauty of the precious natural treasures to be found in this magnificent National Park, including plants and animals, caves, waterfalls, virgin forests, and Mayan sites, will be available for sensitive access to visitors from Belize and for international guests.

For more information contact: Meg Easling, megalla@west.net in California (assistant and editor for Maria)

Ms. Maria Garcia
President of the Board of the Elijio Panti National Park
091-2023 Tel / e-mail




The following are correspondences from Maria Garcia of San Ignacio Belize regarding the new Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park and her and other's collective vision for this unique natural reserve. We invite you to respond if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or in assisting in any way, especially financially and advisory, or know who might be. We invite you to respond if you wish to receive our newsletter.

Meg Easling - megalla@west.net
(Let me know if you wish to go to Belize with me in March)

Maria Garcia, Chairperson: new Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park life@epnp.org


Sent: Monday, August 06, 2001
Subject: information from Maria Garcia:

Hello sister Meg,

We would like to learn of a non profit organization that can help us, since there is a lot to do for the new National Park. Our needs are great.

We are working to prepare the management plan for the park. The government gave us one year to do this. First, we are planning to create a management plan for the three villages that impact the park. Right now, we are in need of three more wardens, since the park is under threat. 90% of the nearby Pine Ridge pine trees were destroyed by the pine beetle. The Belize government has now given the lumber companies permission to cut down the pine trees, so you can image the activities in the Pine Ridge Mountains now.

The Pine Ridge animals, reptiles and insects are using our National Park as a refuge. The hunters are killing the animals and birds. We also need to monitor and patrol the Park because the insects might possible carry disease to our Park habitat. We already asked the B.D.F. to help with the patrol while we get more wardens. In the park there were some farmers. When we started negotiation with the government, we decided to give the land to the farmers. So, we did reserve the area where the farmers are, since they were at the boarder line of the park. The government agreed to it and lease was given to them. These are some of the activities that need to and are being done.

Sister Maria Garcia


Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001
Subject: To Meg:

Belize is having a lot of rain this weekend. Today, I went to the National Park with a Peace Corps volunteer, Susanne, who will be working within my community and the National Park, The road is in bad condition. We are planning to put aside at least 10,000 acres of land for conservation and propagation of plants and trees of medicinal purpose and for scientific research, with trails, an herbal museum, etc.. This Thursday myself and another two Mayan healers from my community are going to be doing a Mayan ceremony in town for the annual general meeting of village leaders; meaning chairmen from the different cultures in Belize. We are also hoping to get more volunteers to work with us, so, sister Meg, may the good Mother Ixchel guide you,

Sister Maria Garcia


Meg we just came in from the privassion area we never did it yesterday,"wooa" "wooa" it's a beautiful area especially close to the privassion creek there is a beautiful waterfall by the name big rock falls we all left this morning and came back round 12:noon,it is true the monuments for the lands are their, it is incredible what's happing for we all know that a nature reserve ,wild life sanctuary, national parks nothing absolutely no one can own a piece of land within this parks nature reserve areas, or wild life sanctuary ,but the big master boss in the conservation forest department, chief land officers can have, but if they hear a poor farmer is cut wood within a reserve area they point at you like if you are a criminal. when I came down from there I was mad mad I relax a while take a shower and I called the minister told him

that tomorrow me and my committee will meet at 7 p.m. to discus this matter about the exploitation of the national park by the same high officers at office in Belmopan and that on Monday we will be visiting his office and that we want the land office to tell use who are the ones who have land in the privassion and pineridgito area to be cancelled immediately and that the S.I. will be pick on no later than Friday 7 sept 2001,for what is very clear is that they have been delaying the S.I. for the park as to give them time to survey and get paper for this lands, minister Daniel Silva said that he will be waiting for the delegation on Monday and that he will support us and along with us he will be visiting Minister John Bricenio,I told him that if this people are not taken out of the park we will be visiting the prime minister and if nothing is done we will put it to the media and it is going to be a scandal in Belize,for we are going to take the photographers to take picture of the area and monuments ,the police officers also accompany us today, what I also got to understand is that this big boss in this offices have land in the manatee nature reserve and the manatee wild life sanctuary,Mrs Sosa is one, mr.ismael fabro,Mr. Pauline, just a few to mention etc. etc,near the lagoon in the manatee nature reserve,imagine sister meg if all this come out, and now they also want to be in the national park but they forget that this time they are dealing with wasp nest,sister meg we just can't be sleeping every second of the day are lands are disapearing and endangered,sister meg i have my angel of nature to guide us,which i'm sharing with you,kick maria

hello sister meg yesterday we visited the minister offices in Belmopan the minister promised that today he will get everything clear and know who are this persons in the park as so he have is evidence clear he will let know the prime minister what is happing we are so glad that we got to know it ahead of time,as to stop they foolishness,tonight we are going to have the farmers meeting as to deliver the land for them,also the training on women on how to prepare healthy food started as so I have a time I'll start to work on my story,sister meg I'm happy to hear that sister angelica want to come vist and for her birthday,hopping that any time now you will be getting the parcel pray for us sister meg as things to work good for us tonight as well the problem with the park, sincerely sister kick maria -----


Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001
Subject: Meg here, Monday night

Hola Maria,
Have the demons been conquered? What's happening? Today was a holiday.
I worked too hard in my garden today, laying stepping stones and a path. The price of a pretty gardenWe will celebrate Fall Equinox on September 21.
Do you do anything special?
I would like a few more things for the web site, when you have a spare moment. :-)
1.) A vision statement. About what the dream is for the park.
2.) A mission statement. About the more practical what is going to be done.
3.) Something about yourself, Maria and who you are.
Hello to Susanne.
In Ixchel,
kick Meg


sister meg everything here in Belize every quiet and peaceful,for the equinox we are planning to make a Mayan prayer and the burning of lot of copal for the peace of earth,and to what happened and is happening with our brother and sisters in your country sister and for mother nature which we are hurting every second, you have that enough energy sister meg I think sister that god knows why he put us here on earth,he have a mission for us,that's why,and we have to accomplish such mission. I'm every sad to here that troop are already in Afghanistan let pray all together sister meg I was thinking that if our gods premite you to come down we can make a Mayan ceremony for peace on earth,we can chose one of our Fridays,that you are here to do it,also sister angelica said she wanted to come down to Belize by this end of this month.i don't know what her planes are,i e-mail her but haven't hard from her as yet but if you see her or write her tell her that she have a home and sisters in Belize as well any time the doors are open we can share our beautiful and peaceful Belize with you all sincerely kick Maria


hi sister meg we are all very happy the S.I. have been signed by the government of Belize,yesterday the Government called and let us know about it,now the Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti is a reality,with legal papers and boundary lines,I already planted my orchids,I hope they will survive the dry weather that is coming I'm thinking of putting a thatch for they,sister we have lot of work to do,trekforce is overnight camping in the park they will meet with Susanne tomorrow I will be getting tomorrow to the mountain pine ridge to discus matters of the park,like fire,road,reforestation.etc,on Monday I'll be heading to Belmopan to get the papers of the S.I. of the Park.yesterday the orchid man from Benque ask me for your address so I gave him,that's Mr shich.got to go sisyer,sincerely sister Maria.


how are you sister meg hope you did have a nice little vacation on your trip to the mountains and hot mud baths,hoping as well that you are enjoying of good health,as I told you that the Mayan ceremony was to be held on 8/9,it was not made it was cancelled for order date,which gave me order opportunity to participate,I was happy when I heard it was cancelled,today it was hectic day tomorrow as well since their is two day of workshop on park planning for the 3 villages the workshop is in my village tomorrow is jungle training,21 persons will participate,today 15 participated.sister meg coming again on the web page their is a peace corp. by the name allanna plants,Susanne is in a jungle training in Gallon Jug coming back on the 14 of Feb,got to go sister Meg sincerely Kick Maria


hello sister meg how are you?here in Belize every thing is fine but full of work,especially with the park project and that we have trekforce in the park,then preparing for some aroegylogists that will be in the park in march to do some mapping and surveying on the cave then trekforce will be sending two voluntary to do environmental education in the schools and do some nursery of medicinal plants and trails in the month of may and June,then working on preparing for proposal and see if we can get funding to construct a visitor centre in the month of July since trekforce is coming in by then to do the construction part,then we are also plan and preparing to get other peace corp. voluntary for 7 miles for organic cultivation in June as well,that might help us a lot with the villages, since right now we have to see how to get to this villages to work with them, so as you see sister we are all most getting crazy with work,then sister I think that the best way for people to do their donation is through our organization which we are going to open a bank account very soon,and send you the account as to but on the WebPages thank you very much sister meg for what you are doing for our park,and our organization.Then I want to ask you other favours,sister meg you think their is some one who can sponser one of our wardens since we only have one but it is not that good to have one so we are looking to fined out to see if some one can sponsor one of them,we are hoping that Gef might help with other two more.i have to contribute by MY sculpture the future of our children,an have to work hard for a park for them. if their is a big connection with you because of the spiritualism that exists between us and your keen love for mother nature and of helping the park and our people.Tomorrow we are heading to the park,to see the group and take vegetables for them via horse.got to go sister meg may the blessed ixchell guide you and continue on assisting, Sincerely sister kick Maria.


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