February 23rd was the first year anniversary of the inauguration of the Park. Celebrate with us by helping.


Park Sign


The Holistic Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park

Please respect Mother Nature.
This place is sacred to the Maya People.
Please stay on the path and be careful. No fires allowed.
Do not disturb the plants, animals and people who live here.
Do not leave anything behind.
Do not take anything away with you.
In the light of reverence, be a caretaker not a taker.
The landscape is animated by spirits. Everything has a soul or spirit. Our spirituality has a sense of connection with the land that may be new to you. Do enjoy the beauty of nature and offer your support and respect.
Please observe this request.
The Itzama Society
For the Protection and Conservation of the Environment,
Culture and Community Development.
Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

Kili`ich Wiits ah Meen Elijio Panti Caanlumil Wayel
Men uuts chiin jo'ol ti Na! Kaax.
E kuuchil kili'ich tee le maako`ob maaya. Men uuts p aatal ook ol,baj, antal kanan
Ma chu chaba k`aak!Ma maach, Ma took, Ma topic, che,xiiw, ba`alche!
Eetel wiinik Ba`ax kuxtal waye Ma p`aat Je`balacka ba`ax waaca biis teech
Tu k`aaba saasil,chiin jool,antal kanan,ma biisic
Ey k`aak`naab jach jats`uts,chuup yeetel uts pixan
Ti pixan ool yaan juntul naat ti nuup e tel hek luum ba`ax paajtal ka
tuumben tia`al te`ex
Ka ki`imakkun ool tii,kii,ki`ichpanil k`aak `naab ts`aa tech,aant chiin jo`ol.
Aant cha`an ej k`aat Ej p`isib tu kaach,oop
Ch`a kanan ah kaab, leti u ch`a kaan tii teech